Insight on the Outstanding Features that Make the iphone 6 plus an Exemplary Device


Apple has outdone itself in introducing the iphone 6 plus. This is an upgrade of the iphone 6 and its features clearly portray the difference. The major difference between the iphone 6 and the iphone 6 plus is the retine screen display, power and the battery with the iphone 6 plus having the strongest features of course. Though pricey, this phablet is quite a worthy purchase.

Its combination of features makes it outstanding and one can even effectively use it as a computer. The 5.5 inch screen is a territory that has never been explored by apple. If you ever admired the wide screens in other phone brands, you can own one with the iphone 6plus. If you're wondering what the big fuss about this 5.5 inched phone is while other brands, for instance Samsung, released a 5.5 inch screened phone years ago then you might want to take a look at its superior features.


1. Display

The 5.5 inch, 401 PPi display is a new territory in the world of iphones. This is the first time that iphone is bringing forth a full sized HD 1920x1080 display. This large retina display screen doesn't come empty handed. It perfectly displays all the icons that house the amazing features that this modernized phone brings forth and has the highest form of clarity ever experienced with phablets. So what's the big fuss about this screen while there are 6 inch monsters out in the market? You may wonder. Remember, a large screen means nothing if the features do not match the uniqueness. Iphone 6 plus has joined the large screen wonder but has also improved the phone's performance and awesomeness. In this case, it would be true to say that the iphone 6 plus is more than just a wide screen.

The iphone 6 plus is finger print resistant. You can use it all day long without the need to wipe the numerous finger prints off the screen. This is undeniably different from other large screened phones thanks to its olephobic coating.

LED Back Light

In addition to the large display is the LED back lit background. Apple uses the dual domain pixels that allows the user to view the screen at any angle. This comes in handy especially when there are a several people viewing the screen. Everyone has a chance to perfectly see whatever is being displayed regardless of their angles. The fact that the iphone 6 plus has been proved to have the best LCD display also means that it has no screen reflection hence making the different angle visibility possible.

Reach ability

All others apple phones are built with small displays that allow the users to touch all the icons on the screen with ease. However, in this case, most find navigation difficult seeing that some keys are located at the top of the screen and others at the bottom. The reach ability feature saves the user the trouble of having to reach up the screen every time that they need to access an app icon. When you double tap the home key, the screen jumps up and down hence bringing whatever was at the top of the screen to the middle.

While the screen is reduced, you cannot scroll to the bottom of the screen. However, the vacant space on the screen can accommodate a new app hence allowing two apps to run side by side.

2. Interface

The iphone 6 introduces IOS 8, the newest version of apple's mobile platform. This not only brings forth some new enhancements but new apps and features as well. The latest version of the IOS 8.1.1 allows for bug fixes. It also carries along the IOS 7 which was introduced last year. This brings the sleek interface as a result. The two operating systems make it a powerful device.

The app rows are neatly displayed on the home screen but during the initial set up, one is given the option of choosing between two text and icon sizes. The first option allows the arrangement and sizes to remain the same while option two makes them bigger hence reducing the space between them and easier to read. You can also access the control panel of the phone by swiping up from the base of the screen.

Unlike the previous notification bar designed that displayed; today, all and missed, the iphone 6 plus only displays; today and notifications hence a neater experience. The IOS 8 allows you to reply to messages from the notification bar instead of loading up messages. To ignore the message, drag it sideways.

Double clicking on the home key will take you to the multi tasking menu that allows you to quickly and easily skip between applications.

3. Performance

The iphone 6 plus is powered by a 1.39 GHz dual core A8 processor, a 64 bit architecture and 1 GB of RAM. This allows the phone to run smoothly without hitches. Downloading graphically intense games and apps is also swift, easy using minimal time. This powerful processor also allows you to store as many apps as possible without running out of storage in the phone.

4. Camera

The iphone 6 plus houses at 8 MP iSight camera. That's not all, it also has a 1.2 MP front face time HD snapper that is quite superior than other superior smart phones. The rear view camera slightly protrudes from the shell. This is because of apples determination to make the handset as thin as possible. However, the casing makes this invisible. This does not put the camera lens at risk of damage because it is covered with a panel of sapphire glass hence tough protection.


  • Latest IOS 8 technology
  • Powerful
  • Sleek
  • High performance
  • Finger print identity sensor built on the home button


The large screen display restricts navigation


The iphone 6 plus is definitely a worthy purchase. The specs show that the large screen capacity isn't like any other phablet. Take advantage of it to get a larger and clearer display for when taking pictures, shooting videos, viewing documents and playing games. Its superior features allow it to be used as a computer too without any problem.

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