20 Best Android Apps 2016

Whenever we talk about Android mobile phone we never talk about it in isolation. We always take into account the various Android applications that are available in it. There are almost a few dozen new applications that are coming out each day and therefore they have become an integral part of any mobile phone. In this article we will have a closer look at the best Android applications as far as the year 2015 is concerned. This is not an easy job considering the fact that there are literally scores of such android applications. However, an honest attempt has been made considering ease of use, popularity and other such factors.

1. Facebook For Android

Though it may not be in same league as the PC Facebook, there is no doubt that it continues to be one of the most commonly downloaded android application. There have been some recent attempts to improve on some of the facilities including a recent change that has been added to the inbox support.

2. Whatsapp

This is without any doubt an essential install for any Android phone because it helps to stay connected not only with message but also allows upload of pictures, images and videos.

3. Outlook

Microsoft in collaboration with SEVEN has come with an hotmail app for Android. It is a simple, no frills but extremely dependable, stable and user friendly application that has won the hearts of many thousand users.

4. Google Sky Map

This is a stunning application which makes full use of any good android phone’s orientation tools. This helps to represent accurately stars and planet on the screen of the mobile phone. It certainly is an amazing application to say the least.

5. Layar

This is considered by many to be a top class realty app. This helps users to get right information when it comes to buying AR content including local houses prices and many such useful bits of information.

6. Wordpress For Android

This is another wonderful application which has quite a few thousand users. It is full of features, and the latest updated version makes it easy to integrate with other apps too. It is worth being used.

7. Google Goggles

It is a very exciting app which allows the user to take photographs and then helps Google analyze the same and come out with its findings. It is a great way to learn the basics of photography, according to many.

8. Winamp

Winamp is a household name for many years and now there is an Android version to it. It lives to the promise of being as good as the PC version. Therefore it is quite likely to attract the attention of many youngsters.

9. Samsung Chaton

Though there are many messaging tools in Android, there is something special about Samsung Chaton. It offers multi platform support and work on clients which use older non-smart Samsung phones.

10. Skyfire

This is another much talked about android app and its main USP is that it supports Flash content. Hence watching YouTube and other such videos is quite easy. It is quite dependable and stable and does not crash

11. Evernote

This is a good application for all those who wish to keep all details pertaining to their business in one place.

12. Flickr

It is a very useful and dependable photography app, which provides the users with the option of sharing the images with Twitter and Facebook.

13. Last.fm

Those who wish to listen to the best of radio music streaming on their mobiles will certainly find this android app very useful to say the least.

14. Google Maps Navigation

This is a very useful and perhaps even indispensable app. It works on all android apps of 1.6 and above. It is a very good route guide and also calculates distances very efficiently and accurately.

15. Dropbox

This is a very useful apps because it helps in accessing files wherever they might be located. It also comes with an automatic photo upload feature.

16. E-Bay

It is a very useful app which allow the users to watch, examine and even buy products and services from the E-Bay site. It therefore is a must have under all circumstances. It is considered as one of the 20 best Android apps 2015.

17. Feedly

Those who are keen on getting the best of RSS feeds would do well to try out Feedly. This is all the more useful as Google has shut down its Reader RSS aggregator.

18. Tweedle

It is simpler and easier version of Carbon. It covers the basics of Carbon. It is very fast in loading and it comes with three columns as far as the time line is concerned.

19. Amazon App Store

Those who are avid online buyers must certainly have this application. It is worth having provided you like to know what is happening in the retail market.

20. Instagram

It is another communication application almost on the same lines as Whats App. It has a good photography editing facility which perhaps many other such apps do not have.
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