A Quick And Easy-To-Read Review Of Mi Note Pro

It is a recent trend for Smartphone manufacturers to release a "Pro" or "Plus" version of their flagship smartphones. This time, its Xiaomi Mobile that is taking advantage of such trend. The Xiaomi China smartphone manufacturer already released Mi Note. Not long after that, Mi Note Pro came to the scene.

A Quick And Easy-To-Read Review Of Mi Note Pro

So what's in store with this "Pro" version? This article is going to cover that.


When it comes to overall design, the Mi Note Pro still incorporates the core attributes of the original Mi Note. It features a 2.5D glass in the front and a 3D glass at the back.
The device has a pronounced curve at the its right and left sides. Mi Note also features a metal frame with chamfered edges.
The Pro Version of Mi Note comes with a gold finish, while the original version is colored silver. The overall design of the Mi Note Pro may be boiled down as being elegant and beautiful, but not overly flashy. On top of that, it feels great in the hand.
Since being rather large, handling might be a problem for some. For people with smaller hands, handing the corners of the phone might be difficult. Yet, because of its thing bezel and thin profile, the phone is surprisingly easy to handle.


At first glance, the screen size is likely catch your attention. The screen is sized at 5.7. It is a large screened phone, which is good for playing games and watching movies.
The phone features Quad HD, with a PPI of 515. The display is simply gorgeous, featuring rich and vibrant colors, with high contrast an deep black. It also comes with great viewing angles.


Under the hood of the Mi Note Pro features powerful engine. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, and it’s clocked at 2GHZ. It features an Adreno 430 GPU. The RAM is also huge, which is at 4GB. In fact, only a few handsets carry this amount of RAM.
It's easy to get lost when listing hardware of this phone. But if you want an easy-to-understand translation, the device packs some serious punch that can easily compete and even surpass its competition.
On the downside, the handset does not feature a MicroSD slot. However, it has a 64GB on-board storage, which is plenty enough for the average user.


The Mi Not Pro comes with a 13MP camera, which is already impressive. However, the best part is the camera software. It comes a lot of different setting and controls, which allow you to get better picture quality. On top of that, the software is easy to use and very intuitive. You can easily control and alter sharpness, saturation and contrast using this handset.
When it comes to picture quality, the Mi Note Pro camera can produce vibrant pictures with a good amount of contrast. It actually excels at taking macro shots. The auto HDR feature indeed helped a lot in producing great quality pictures.
The only time the camera may have a problem is during nigh-time photography and/or taking pictures under low-light conditions, and increase of digital noise may be present.


The Mi Note Pro comes with an Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, the company has their own idea of the Android platform. For example, the phone does not have an app drawer, which means that the user may have to organize through folders.
When it comes the software, the good thing about Mi Note Pro is that it comes with little bloatware.
The Mi Note Pro also comes with some of the best android skin engine, and there are a hundred to choose from.


Mi Note Pro is the advanced version of Mi Note Produced by Xiaomi. The handset features elegant, but not overly flashy design. It comes with serious hardware, good camera and good software. It is a phone that can easily match the competition and even surpass them at different benchmarks. However, the biggest downside of the phone is that it's not yet available for distribution outside of China.
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