A Review of the LG 55EG960V TV

The LG 55EG960V is the latest in a brand new segment of HDTVs: the 4K OLEDs. These curved televisions combine 4K resolution with OLED technology to provide a stunning view that is sure to leave you amazed. There isn’t really anything quite like this gorgeous gadget in the market right now. It has the latest features and is sure to usher in a new age of TV viewing experience. To help you better understand this product, here is a quick LG 55EG960V review.


1. Design and Construction: The frame of this OLED TV is incredibly narrow, at under 1 cm. So in spite of the curved screen, it sits pretty much on the same plane. The frame is a glossy black with silver trim to produce a sophisticated look. The aluminum stand on which it is placed only adds to this effect. The best part about the TV is its impossible slimness. The entire electronics are hidden in a near-impossible space and the white finish at the back is also amazing. To the side you have a number of connections, including 2 HDMIs, 3 USB ports and Wi-Fi/LAN options. The Wi-Fi option lets you stream content form a smartphone or tablet.

2. OLED+4K Resolution: All the parts of this TV utilize the latest technology, but the ultimate selling point is the beautiful combination of OLED and 4K resolution. With OLED, each pixel on the screen produces colors its own light and color. Hence it gives rise to amazing landscapes and beautiful pictures. Everything from intense dark to beautiful white is delivered splendidly on the screen. There are as many as 8.3 million pixels across the screen, so you can imagine how clear the picture must be. The depth of the colors and strong contrasts will make you fall in love with this TV.

3. Sound Quality: One of the few problems with slim TVs in the last few years lay in the sound department. However, with the 55EG960V, LG has teamed up with Harman Kardon to provide much better sound quality. There are two speakers near the bottom of the screen and they pack quite a punch. It is clear and expressive, with enough attention to detail. The only problem is that at louder volumes it tends to sound a little damp. Perhaps a more dynamic sound would have made the LG 55EG960V everyone’s dream OLED TV.

4. Intuitive Interface: the WebOS 2.0 makes it very easy to navigate the features and options available with this TV. You can learn to use it effectively within minutes and future upgrades are also possible.


1. Unmatched picture quality

2. Beautiful color contrasts through OLED technology

3. Details can be seen clearly on the screen

4. Amazing clarity

5. Easy to use interface

6. Smart and elegant design


1. Sound could be slightly better

2. Quite expensive

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that this TV has impressed us to no small degree. If you have the money to spare, then this is an amazing buy. Of course, the only problem is the price. For a 55-inch screen, the cost is quite hefty. But then again, it utilizes the latest technology and premium design. But once OLED starts becoming more widespread, there is no doubt that the price will start to drop. But in any case, there is no looking away from the fact that the LG 55EG960V is one gorgeous television.

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