Asus Chromebook Flip C100 Review

Technology changes faster that most of us can comprehend. Before you even get used to new technological advances and innovations new ones are already in the pipelines. However, there are those that change completely how we do things, and it will be long before they become outdated. A perfect example of one such device is the Asus Chromebook Flip C100.

Introduction to the Product

If you like technology or you simply like to keep up with times and emerging trends, then you have probably heard about ASUS. ASUS has not been in this business for as long as other companies but in its few years of operation it has made quite an impact and is slowly winning market share.

The Asus Chromebook Flip C100 is a low-priced notebook that flips back into a tablet. This product lives up to the low-price policies of ASUS but without looking cheap. When you come across this product for the first time, you would probably think that it is a premium or high-end Chromebook. Its appearance and performance also help to cement this thought and unless you are very keen you will never notice any difference from the more expensive devices.

Design and Features

· Display Screen: The C100 comes with a 1280 X 800 10.1 inch display screen. While this might not impress you match if you compare it with your smartphone, it is far much better than what you can get from a notebook of that size.

· Chromebook to Tablet: The other feature that will impress you is its foldability to a tablet. The long hinge that attaches the screen to the keyboard is also made to fold the screen on top of the keyboard. This Asus Chromebook can be flipped over up to 360 degrees from 0 degrees.

· 10-Finger Touchscreen: This device is built with a very sensitive 10-finger touchscreen that will make it possible for you to carry out all operations without the keyboard. This is regardless of whether you are using it as a tablet or Chromebook.

· Chrome OS: However, the Chrome OS has been optimized for this particular device so that it accommodates features like Voice Recognition, Virtual Keyboard Handwriting and Google Now.

· Android Apps: The C100 can run almost all the Android apps, and so you can play different games and use your favorite apps on this device.

What you will like most about it

· This Chromebook has a 97% full-size computer meaning that you can still get some work done with it.

· It combines high-quality and low-price to give you a machine whose performance will surprise any critics. At the market price of this Asus Computer, you wouldn't expect to get anything even with half these features.

· The weight of the device, shiny edges, shape and size of the keyboard all give it a very attractive look.

What you might not like

The Chrome touchscreen interface is still quite wanting. Even for a device with a big screen like this you might still find it quite unfriendly and hence you would be better off using the keyboard instead. If you are used to very fast devices, then you might also find the C100 a little bit slower in its performance.


Although the Asus Chromebook Flip C100 is not perfect, it still manages to bring together many features into a small, low-cost device. The long battery life is also another advantage that makes this device worth trying out. If you are looking to spend a little amount of money on a portable computer for your travels, then this would be an excellent option.

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