Garmin Nuvi Cam-A Real Value of Money

The new Garmin Nuvi Cam LMT-D is a unique creation in the world of navigation. It gives a fabulous experience to the car drivers as they get the pleasure of innovative navigation with an awesome way of recording the whole driving.

This is a dual purpose servicing device which keeps a record of the surrounding while driving and also the advanced technology helps in obtaining flawless routing.


Following are the main features of the Garmin Nuvi Cam LMT-D
1. It has a 5-inch widescreen that gives a broader view
2. It has inbuilt maps of 45 European countries with regular updates
3. Digital traffic updates is provided and there is no annual subscription required for it.
4. It has a great voice command system
5. It can be attached with any Android Smart Phones and to give live services.
6. It is a Bluetooth enabled device which helps in hands free calling

In a broader view it is a feature packed device which has a stylish look and it is portable and handy.



It provides an actual status of the traffic information and the live status of the jams on the busy roads. In fact how far the distance has been covered and how long is left can be easily traced through it. However Garmin Nuvi Cam has been proved inefficient in providing updates regarding the jams in the local roads.


The basic structure of this device is always the same. It has the menu with big icons which indicate as which direction to go. It consists of the View Map. Also there is a general search option recently included in this device which locates the exact position what it is asked for.

The eco route system can be configured and enabled in it which helps in choosing the best fuel efficient route.

Since it records the complete journey so if anyone forgets as where he has parked his car then just rewinding this device he can reach that place easily.


It has a bright 5.0-inch display with a touch to zoom capability that helps in getting a closer look on the onscreen information. Also it can be used vertically and as well as horizontally.


This device can be used as a substitute of cell phone while driving as it has a synchronized Bluetooth system enabled in it. So hands-free calling is possible through its integrated microphone and speaker.

Like every gadget has some pros and cons in it, this device is not an exception. Following are the few Pros and Cons of this device.


There is no annual subscription required for the traffic updates. Maps are regularly updated The Voice Command System is prominent and clear The recording of the whole journey is flawless without any pause

The Live Services are expensive as compared to other navigation tool The updates for the traffic are not always accurate. This is compatible only with the Android Operating System It gives limited information of traffic since records of local roads are not available in it

Following are the items included in the box of Garmin Nuvi Cam LMT-D

· The Device itself

· The Vehicle Suction Cup Mount

· Updated Maps

· Power cable

· USB cable

· Manual

In short, Garmin Nuvi Cam is a light weight device which has lithium battery that can last for complete 2 hours without charging. External SD card can be fit in this device however Micro SD card is not attachable to it. Moreover it works as a trip planner and it also keeps a detailed track of the route. It locates the school zones and busy roads very conveniently. This device is compatible with Windows XP and the other upgraded version. It can be also used in Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Being such a service packed device it is like a must purchase for them who wants to drive smoothly with proper navigation. Moreover the price of this product is inexpensive and it gives a real worth to the amount spent for it.

So if someone has to travel frequently, taking his own car to the far off unknown places, then he should definitely buy this device as it would be highly beneficial for him.

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