Samsung Level U Review: The Must Have Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

When walking around town or travelling on a train corded headphones can be a big nuisance. The headphones can be tangled easily and can even make your expensive phone fall on the floor. This is probably your worst nightmare given the loss that this is likely to cause you.

To make sure that you never have to live through the troubles of a corded headphone, Samsung brings you the Samsung Level U. It is a wireless headphone that has been designed to help you solve most of your corded headphone issues.

About This Product

Different Samsung Level U reviews might describe it differently but what most of them would always agree about is the comfort and great experience that this device promises to offer. Designed with the average and frequent user in mind, this headset comes with a flexible neckband, and soft ear grips to make sure that you can wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

The Samsung Level U is fitted with inbuilt controls that will give the user better or hassle-free control of what they are listening to. The controls make it possible for you to adjust the volume, pause, play or skip a track if you wish to. The control buttons might be small, but they have been raised and will offer you great response when pressed.

What makes the Samsung Level U special?

There are many things that make this headset special and in fact almost everything about it is special. However, the following are the key things that most customers seem to appreciate more judging from Samsung Level u reviews.

· The quality of sound: This headset comes fitted with 12mm speaker unit that is more than you can get in most other headphones. These speakers will provide top notch sound quality and also make sure that your music and conversations are clear.

· Magnetic Earbuds: The magnet fitted on the ear buds might not be crucial to the performance of these headphones, but they will offer you storage convenience when you are not using the headphones

· Long battery life: It is very annoying when you have to recharge your electronic device after a couple of hours but with the Level U you will never have to worry about this. These headphones have a battery life of 11 hours when you are using them for calls only, 10 hours when listening to musing and a whopping 500hrs when on standby mode.

· Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction feature: This feature helps to minimize the interference of external noise when you are receiving a call. Due to this function you can still be able to answer your calls even in a noisy environment.

· Stylish design: This ergonomically designed headphones not only last for a long time, but they also look beautiful. Samsung gives a lot of thought in the design of their products, and this is very evident from the Level U. The design also manages to maintain a thin profile and a lightweight feel, and so it will never become a nuisance.

Does this product have any shortcomings?

It's pretty difficult to see any flaws with this product, but the color is perhaps one of them. There are only two colors to choose from that are white and sapphire black. By now Samsung should have learned that when it comes to headphones people have their particular color preferences and so they should have provided more colors to choose from.


All in all, this product is a good buy especially given its small price tag. Comparing what you pay with what the Samsung Level U promises to offer then, this In-ear headphone is worth every single coin that you pay for it. However, make sure that you have a compatible Samsung device to make the experience much better.

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