Zeroing In On The 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers

No one would like to enjoy the best of music with the best of sound systems when there are wires and cables making the whole place ugly and messy. Hence, keeping in mind the changing needs and requirements of customers, we have today what is referred to as wireless speakers, woofers and subwoofers. The new technology comes in the shape of Bluetooth speakers which certainly can play big role in amplifying sound and give quality output. Hence if you are on the move or at home and are finding out ways and means to avoid those messy wires and cables, you certainly can trust on these Bluetooth speakers. There are quite a few of them available. In this article we will have a look at 10 best Bluetooth speakers after taking into account various factors. Most of these speakers work with any modern device that supports Bluetooth technology however small or big the device might be.

1. Definitive Technology W Studio

Definitive Technology is line with their reputation has come out with the W studio Bluetooth speaker which is very good to say the least. It comes with a sound bar, and wireless subwoofer. It also has high end features like HDMI switching and multi room playing facility. It looks very stylish and ergonomically designed. Yes, it does cost a bit of money, but quality always comes with a price.

2. Sharp HT – SB602

It is considered to be one of the best when it comes to very strong audio performance. The Sharp HT – SB602 is considered the best bet for 55 plus inch HDTVs. It has a slim subwoofer and the best of Bluetooth connectivity. It offers solid and unhindered performance though there are some doubts expressed as far as crossover points are concerned. It may not be the best option for bass heavy music but nonetheless when it comes to watching movies or listening to music on the big screen TVs it could be considered as one of the best buys. Its design features are very good

3. Zvox SoundBase 570

It is one of the most reasonably priced but extremely powerful and audio rich Bluetooth speakers. The best thing is that the speaker doubles as an unobtrusive stand while performing admirably the function of a wireless speaker. Though it may not be the thinnest in its category it makes up for this by offering excellent audio quality. It works very well both for movies and music and offers near-real life effect. It is quite thick and chunkier and is often considered to be one of the sturdiest speakers around.

4. Sony HT-CT770 330W 2.1 Sound Bar w/Wireless Subwoofer

It perhaps has one the most powerful and booming subwoofers. It has a very large and highly powerful sound field. It is very excellent and unmatched when it comes to watching movies and also for playing video games. The Bluetooth is built in. One more aspect that makes this speaker different is that it supports HDMI. It is very feature rich and is also extremely sleek and occupies very little space.

5. Razer Leviathan

For the price at which it is available there is no doubt that Razer Leviathan is a great buy. It offers very powerful and clear sound. It is also well known for solid and reliable sound performance over a long period of time. It comes with a wired subwoofer which a few may not like. However this is more than made up by the quality of sound which the subwoofer offers. It does not have a remote which is a bit of dampener.

6. Polk Audio Omni SB1 Soundbar

It is again a high end speaker which is considered to be a very good 3.1- channel soundbar and sub woofer package. It certainly adds a lot of zip and boom to music and movies. It is feature rich and comes with the unique Play-Fi multi room audio. It helps the users to set multiple speakers making use of multiple companies in the home. Though it has HDMI feature it works only intuitively.

7. Sonas Playbar

According to many music lovers and critics, it offers one of the best sound qualities in terms of smoothness even when played at high volume. It has a very effective low end response in spite of the fact that it does not have a subwoofer. It has one of the most flexible wireless streaming options. Even when played at high volumes, the deep bass remains totally unaffected. It however does not have remote control. Since the sound is highly processed many purists might not find favor with it.

8. Vizio S5430W-C2 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar

It is a reasonably priced Bluetooth speaker and is quite feature rich in spite of being not so very expensive. It is a one piece sound system and does not have sub woofers. In spite of it, the sound quality is very good and extremely clear. If you have an HDTV it will certainly go a long way in adding that much more audio power without having to bother about messy cables and wires running all around the place.

9. Monster Superstar

Though it is a pretty small speaker according to many it could be counted as one of the 10 best Bluetooth speakers because of quite a few reasons. It belongs to the same class as that of Jambox Mini, but one should not be misled by its small size. It has two tiny drivers and also a radiator that has two sided sound output design. The sound output is pretty decent but there are some complaints about the treble becoming a big jarring and harsh when the volume goes up. Though the sound output is pretty satisfactory, the quality at best can be described as fair or even average.

10. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This is a one of the best mini Bluetooth speakers in the price range at which it is being sold. It however goes a long way in offering the best of listening experience. It can easily and effortlessly connect to any leading Bluetooth device. It comes with a rechargeable battery which has a life span of around 7 hours. On the whole it is a very decent mini speaker though not as powerful as the high end fixed speakers.
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