What You Need to Know about HTC

At the time when HTC introduced the R5 phone, it certainly won many hearts with its sleek design language. However, it left various things to desire. HTC decided to sacrifice some few primary functions as well as specs in the quest of slimming down. Sadly, it turned to be a negative at last. In a nutshell, the successor of the mentioned model, the HTC, seems to avoid the mistakes. How good is it? Can it hold up against awesome phones such as HTC One? The article will give a tangible review of the phone.

HTC Vive review

The next big thing will soon arrive, and bound to be the biggest thing in today's modern times. Prepare yourself for you will embark on a journey into an entirely different world without ever needing anything but yourself, and sure enough, the HTC Vive. From the HTC mobile the company has evolved and revolutionized such an incredible gadget together with Valve Software. They have gone way beyond mobile in a contemporary device that any gamer or any individual, whether tech savvy or not, can ever have. This must-have VR that you will come to learn in this HTC Vive Review, will actually make you feel that you are living in the future. It's going to be within your grasp soon and remain right at your fingertips, and for you to literally see what it offers with your own eyes.

Improved Features Of The HTC One M8s That You Didn’t Know About

HTC One M8s

In the world of Smart phones one can simply be overwhelmed about the various products in the market. However when wanting a great phone that handles well overtime, one simply had to look for the latest version of Iphone until the launch of HTC as a valid competitor. The new HTC one M8s phone has seemingly garnered a lot of queries with the bottom line being to buy or not to buy. Below are simple features that make the HTC one M8s phone quite unique.

An In-Depth HTC Desire Eye Review

HTC Desire Eye - There is no doubt that the trend of taking selfies is becoming a global phenomenon. Though egotistic in nature, people are finding it difficult to escape this habit. This is evidenced by the frequency at which we post them on our social media feeds. Quite opportunistically, the top smartphone manufacturers are coming in and HTC has not been left out.

HTC Desire Eye Review

You must have seen some phones with five-megapixel front cameras. But, have you seen thirteen-megapixel front camera on any phone? Perhaps you haven’t. In addition to a 13-megapixel front camera, The HTC Desire Eye has other amazing features. Here is a comprehensive HTC Desire Eye Review.

Look and feel

Not until the release of HTC Desire Eye, we have been used to thinking that only those smartphones made of metal are beautiful. Thanks to this amazing smartphone for it made many people to believe that phones made of polycarbonate shells are beautiful too. With a two-tone plastic unibody, this phone is a looker. It is available in black-blue and white-red versions.

Look and feel

The right edge of this phone has a power button, volume rocker and a camera button. The left edge, on the other hand, houses two trays- one for a Nano-SIM card and the other one for a microSD card. It has a 5.2 inch screen with a 1080p resolution. Not to forget, its display is of top-notch quality.

Software and specification

This phone has a 2.3 Quad core processor, a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The best part is that it accepts microSD cards of up to 128GB. Just like the front camera, the rear camera has 13 megapixels with a dual-LED flash. Both cameras have BSI sensors.

Software and specification HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye can connect to 4G networks since it has a wide range of connectivity options. The phone is usually shipped with Android version 4.4.4, and the best part? It can add third party applications such as Scribble and Twitter.


If there’s anything that HTC is more concerned of, it’s the speakers. To be honest, HTC speakers are cleverly hidden below and above the screen. If you have never heard of a solid stereo sound separation, then try HTC.

The peak levels are loud enough and it’s not a surprise that its speakers’ quality is better when compared to some expensive phones such as iPhone6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. However, with the small speakers, you may not enjoy much.


To begin with, HTC made a rare decision when they decided to opt for a physical shutter button for a camera. Regrettably, when the camera shutter is used, it ends up locking the autofocus. There is a default camera, however, which is relatively easier to use. This camera features amazing features such as Split Capture Mode and 360-degree panoramas. An HDR mode that works with both the rear and the front cameras is also available. Without the HDR mode, the front camera may ruin a lot of shots.

Camera HTC Desire Eye Review

In conclusion, HTC Desire Eye has not been left out. It is a smartphone to opt for especially because of its front camera that has 13-megapixels. Remember, it’s well-priced, has a solid performance, and has a respectable 1080p screen. The above HTC Desire Eye review will be of great help to you.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?

The HTC One M9 is already here; thanks to the Mobile Congress at Barcelona we now have all the details regarding this monster device. The M9 is the new addition to the One series by HTC taking over the mantle from last year's M8.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?