Improved Features Of The HTC One M8s That You Didn’t Know About

HTC One M8s

In the world of Smart phones one can simply be overwhelmed about the various products in the market. However when wanting a great phone that handles well overtime, one simply had to look for the latest version of Iphone until the launch of HTC as a valid competitor. The new HTC one M8s phone has seemingly garnered a lot of queries with the bottom line being to buy or not to buy. Below are simple features that make the HTC one M8s phone quite unique.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?

The HTC One M9 is already here; thanks to the Mobile Congress at Barcelona we now have all the details regarding this monster device. The M9 is the new addition to the One series by HTC taking over the mantle from last year's M8.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?