You only have to cast your mind back to a couple of years when the then G2 LG Smartphone came along. Since then, each new flagships of the LG phones have been anticipated as a potential demolisher of the very best that Samsung, the HTC, and Apple have to offer. Here is a comprehensive LG G4 Review.

Enter Into The World Of Android With The LG Volt

Enter Into The World Of Android With The LG Volt

The name LG Volt is a little bit deceiving because it might make you think that you’re buying one of LG’s flagship phones, nevertheless this is a phone that you should seriously consider especially because of its price. Upon further inspection you will find that it has similar hardware to the LG lucid 3 with the main difference being that the Volt has a larger battery life.

Does LG G3 Stylus Deserve Its Name?

LG G3 Stylus review - The LG G3 rocked LG fans to the core when it gracefully debuted early last year which is why a spin-off of the series was hot in pursuit. The LG G3 Stylus that is more affordable and packs a stylus for additional touch and style was released late last year.

LG G3 Stylus review