Blackberry Limited Edition – A Mobile Device with the Power to Dazzle

BlackBerry is known as one of the true pioneers of the business-focused mobile manufacturer. Since the company began producing mobile devices, it established itself as the most reliable mobile phone maker for users who desire a phone that will be used mainly for their business proceedings. In the years that followed, the company had its ups and downs as the market for mobile devices began drastically changing under the colossal tidal wave of Android and Apple products. But now, a new Blackberry mobile device appeared on the market and definitely brought something truly unique and impressive to the table. This device is called a Blackberry limited edition and it provides a level of luxury that is anything but ordinary.
Blackberry Limited Edition – A Mobile Device with the Power to Dazzle

A Quick And Easy-To-Read Review Of Mi Note Pro

It is a recent trend for Smartphone manufacturers to release a "Pro" or "Plus" version of their flagship smartphones. This time, its Xiaomi Mobile that is taking advantage of such trend. The Xiaomi China smartphone manufacturer already released Mi Note. Not long after that, Mi Note Pro came to the scene.
A Quick And Easy-To-Read Review Of Mi Note Pro


You only have to cast your mind back to a couple of years when the then G2 LG Smartphone came along. Since then, each new flagships of the LG phones have been anticipated as a potential demolisher of the very best that Samsung, the HTC, and Apple have to offer. Here is a comprehensive LG G4 Review.

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review that Tells You the Good and the Bad of this Smartphone

Reading a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua review will tell you the good and the bad of this phone. This is an affordable and stylish Smartphone within the mid-range category. However, it has design clues that have been borrowed from the top-tier products of Sony. The Aqua is waterproof with a premium look and a thin profile.
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Review that Tells You the Good and the Bad of this Smartphone

Enter Into The World Of Android With The LG Volt

Enter Into The World Of Android With The LG Volt

The name LG Volt is a little bit deceiving because it might make you think that you’re buying one of LG’s flagship phones, nevertheless this is a phone that you should seriously consider especially because of its price. Upon further inspection you will find that it has similar hardware to the LG lucid 3 with the main difference being that the Volt has a larger battery life.

iPhone 5s Review – A Smartphone that Refuses to Become Obsolete

iPhone 5s Review – A Smartphone that Refuses to Become Obsolete

A few months back, Apple launched its new iPhone 6 series, which brought about a new era in the company’s presence in the mobile market. For the same reason, many started to overlook the previous generations of the iPhone, certain that the new, bigger handsets are the primary smartphone offer of the same company. But, as this review iPhone 5s will show, there is definitely a lot to be had in getting the iPhone 5, the previous Apple smartphone generations. More precisely, the iPhone 5s, a more advanced version of the same generation, is an ideal device from the top-price smartphone category. This review will clearly show why this seems to be the case.

A Comprehensive Review of the iPhone 4S

A Comprehensive Review of the iPhone 4S

The iphone 4s is part of Apple’s series of iPhones and have been in the market since 2011. Although it is not new, the iPhone is still popular and favorite to many smartphone buyers. Before the release of the iPhone 5s, it constituted a quarter of all iPhone sales in the US. Since its first launch in October 2011, Apple has released some vital modifications that have boosted its functionality, popularity, and appearance. The following is a detailed review of the iPhone 4s.

Does LG G3 Stylus Deserve Its Name?

LG G3 Stylus review - The LG G3 rocked LG fans to the core when it gracefully debuted early last year which is why a spin-off of the series was hot in pursuit. The LG G3 Stylus that is more affordable and packs a stylus for additional touch and style was released late last year.

LG G3 Stylus review

A Sony Xperia Z2 review

A Sony Xperia Z2 - Like its predecessor, Sony Xperia Z2 has everything which defines a high-end phone. It packs a luxurious design, an impressive 20.7 MP camera, a full HD display and a quad-core processor.

A Sony Xperia Z2 review

Samsung Galaxy S6 review - A phone that steals your heart

It is neither plastic nor faux leather, instead the Samsung galaxy S6 is coming up with metal chassis and glass which will cover the front part and also back. The incredible fit and finish will put you use the words such as drilled and roundel etc. It gets a topaz blue finish to itself.

Samsung Galaxy S6 review

An In-Depth HTC Desire Eye Review

HTC Desire Eye - There is no doubt that the trend of taking selfies is becoming a global phenomenon. Though egotistic in nature, people are finding it difficult to escape this habit. This is evidenced by the frequency at which we post them on our social media feeds. Quite opportunistically, the top smartphone manufacturers are coming in and HTC has not been left out.

HTC Desire Eye Review

You must have seen some phones with five-megapixel front cameras. But, have you seen thirteen-megapixel front camera on any phone? Perhaps you haven’t. In addition to a 13-megapixel front camera, The HTC Desire Eye has other amazing features. Here is a comprehensive HTC Desire Eye Review.

Look and feel

Not until the release of HTC Desire Eye, we have been used to thinking that only those smartphones made of metal are beautiful. Thanks to this amazing smartphone for it made many people to believe that phones made of polycarbonate shells are beautiful too. With a two-tone plastic unibody, this phone is a looker. It is available in black-blue and white-red versions.

Look and feel

The right edge of this phone has a power button, volume rocker and a camera button. The left edge, on the other hand, houses two trays- one for a Nano-SIM card and the other one for a microSD card. It has a 5.2 inch screen with a 1080p resolution. Not to forget, its display is of top-notch quality.

Software and specification

This phone has a 2.3 Quad core processor, a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The best part is that it accepts microSD cards of up to 128GB. Just like the front camera, the rear camera has 13 megapixels with a dual-LED flash. Both cameras have BSI sensors.

Software and specification HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye can connect to 4G networks since it has a wide range of connectivity options. The phone is usually shipped with Android version 4.4.4, and the best part? It can add third party applications such as Scribble and Twitter.


If there’s anything that HTC is more concerned of, it’s the speakers. To be honest, HTC speakers are cleverly hidden below and above the screen. If you have never heard of a solid stereo sound separation, then try HTC.

The peak levels are loud enough and it’s not a surprise that its speakers’ quality is better when compared to some expensive phones such as iPhone6 and Samsung Galaxy S5. However, with the small speakers, you may not enjoy much.


To begin with, HTC made a rare decision when they decided to opt for a physical shutter button for a camera. Regrettably, when the camera shutter is used, it ends up locking the autofocus. There is a default camera, however, which is relatively easier to use. This camera features amazing features such as Split Capture Mode and 360-degree panoramas. An HDR mode that works with both the rear and the front cameras is also available. Without the HDR mode, the front camera may ruin a lot of shots.

Camera HTC Desire Eye Review

In conclusion, HTC Desire Eye has not been left out. It is a smartphone to opt for especially because of its front camera that has 13-megapixels. Remember, it’s well-priced, has a solid performance, and has a respectable 1080p screen. The above HTC Desire Eye review will be of great help to you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

There are many people want to learn about Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is one of the most popular products from Samsung these days. This smartphone has a lot of useful features that can support everyone's needs. This article is going to discuss about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review, so all customers are able to learn about this device easily.

This product receives many good reviews from other customers. Many people feel happy with the performance and quality of this powerful device. Because of this reason, this smartphone becomes very popular among many customers these days. Here are some important features that can be found in this device.

iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 Review - Apple has always been known for its iPhone series. An apple made phone was once a fantasy to the common mob and a blogger’s fever-dream, but the scenario has changed now. It has grown up, expand its reach and taken on the whole world.

iPhone 5 Review TepRE.com

Oppo R5 Review

Oppo R5 Review - Before the battle for the greatest display dimensions, before the fight for top specifications or even digital camera, there was clearly the 1 terrific, extremely unstable characteristic telephone producers warned over. The R5 is Oppo’s four .85mm stab at producing the world’s skinniest telephone – therefore slim they couldn’t match a headphone jack port. That name was immediately stated by the also-Chinese Vivo X5 ( which whip it by a whole zero .1mm ) , there’s absolutely no doubt the R5 is visibly designed, and also in contrast to Oppo’s beautifully insane N3, those style feats make you with a telephone with a lot of compromises.

Oppo R5 Review

The Oppo R5 measurements group the site properly. At 4 .85 mm, the mobile is extremely slender. The 148 .9 mm x 74 .5 mm proportions maintain the 5 .2 part display screen easily with comparatively slender bezels on the sitting as well as correct give harmful of the display screen, although the leading as well as base bezels offer an inexpensive volume of dead area to maintain the machine one-handed . Below the display screen is the typical Android comfortable recommendations. These are outside the display screen but capacitive-based.

At 155g , the R5 can feel weightier as compared to the dimension recommends it ought to be. This really is right down to the steel spine tray which supplies the mobile a vital volume of torsional durability, that could be additional aided by the metallic encompass on the rims of the machine. Plastic bits top as well as the base enable radio stations signals to attain the outside planet, as well as the video camera lens is fitted leading sitting in such an artificial.

Oppo R5 Review

The mobile phone will come just in white-colored at present, as well as benefits a matte ( luckily non-slippery ) metallic spine with a tastefully embossed Oppo brand. The one spot the phone’s thinness wavers is the digicam; such as on the brand-new iPhones, it juts taken out a millimeter or maybe a pair of from the backside of the unit.

The front part is likewise a bare minimum of , with the simply the headphone , lighting sensors , and also digital camera up best, and also 3 steel capacitive control keys on the bottom part. Those control keys don’t illuminate after dark incidentally, however that becomes a non-issue as their place becomes immediately documented in muscle tissue memory space.

The merely bodily equipment is the energy key and also quantity zwick, which display an ideal quantity of clickiness . There’s a chamfered steel framework, since you can’t possess a steel telephone without chamfers.

The micro-USB dock is situated on the bottom part; the headphone dock is non existing. you should employ the packaged floppy small power supply 80 % of customers are certain to get rid of within the very first couple of months* of their phone’s likely two-year life-span. signifies you’ll be upset if you wish to pay attention to songs while the telephone requirements recharging until you possess a Bluetooth headset.

The reality is, battery lifespan, efficiency, storage area as well as functionality all of the experience because an on the spot outcomes to the phone’s thinness. me this similar appliance, fluffy sufficient in order that the video camera is remove with the entire body, so you may have much more.

If you're interested, you can buy from Amazon.com

Is the Sony Xperia Z3 Sony’s Ticket to the High-End Smartphone Market?

Sony Xperia Z3 - Sony has made another inroad into the high-end smartphone market with the Xperia Z3. Despite the company’s mixed successes on the mobile market, this phone has been highly anticipated, and it comes with some new features that users will no doubt appreciate. Read this Sony Xperia Z3 review for an overview of the phone and our thoughts on whether or not it is Sony’s ticket to the big leagues.

Sony Xperia Z3

Samsung Galaxy A7 Review

Samsung Galaxy A7 - Originally, the Alpha project did not want to be tied to the Galaxy line. This all changed after an identity boost that was more than welcomed. The new Galaxy A7 is a metal trimmed, light weight, slim phablet that is able to offer consumers a competitive alternative to premium phablets that include the Galaxy Note 4.

The new A7 measures in at a mere 6.3mm thick and is combined with a metal frame that permits the device with a degree of rigidity that is said to be quite welcomed. It is also 35 grams lighter than the Note 4 and is able to feel smaller although the width and height are virtually similar.

The new phablet is no different than other flagships that have been offered by Samsung in regards to the fact it has a 5.5 inch AMOLED screen that is equipped with 1080p resolution. The power for the device comes from either a 64 bit Snapdragon 615 or an Exynos 5430 (which is like the Galaxy Alpha). Regardless, consumers will be provided with a 5 megapixel selfie camera as well as a 13 megapixel main camera.

The key features associated with the phablet are as follows:

  • Available in both double SIM and single SIM models that are also LTE equipped within all markets.
  • Theme support by way of Android 4.4.4 kitkat wth TouchWiz
  • An option of a dual SIM version that includes a nanoSIM slot inside the card slot reserved for the microSD
  • A dedicated mic that is equipped with active noise cancellation
  • A battery that is 2,600mAh

The phablet does also come with its own set of disadvantages as well. The most prominent of them are included below:

  • It is widely considered to be too pricey in regards to the hardware that is offered to consumers
  • At the launch of the phablet, there is no Android Lollipop
  • The battery is non-removable
  • The extra microSD and SIM share a card slot which means that both cannot be used in combination. Those that purchase the version with dual card capabilities will still only be permitted to utilize one or the other.
  • There is no 2160p video capture nor are there any modes for high frame rates

With the new Galaxy A7, Samsung remained very close to the aesthetics of the current product line. The major difference between the current line and the new phablet is the fact that the A7 places its priorities in design as opposed to features.

It would have been nice for the phablet to have a trio of slots so that expansion could be optimized, but maybe that will be reserved for the next generation of the device. Overall, the device is a nice departure from the devices within the current line from Samsung. It seems to be ideal for those that do more non camera oriented activities. Maybe an executive or personal assistant will find a great deal of comfort and convenience in the device. For the remaining members of society that enjoy the use of all features that we view as standard may not find it optimal. The disadvantages of the phablet make it destined for minimal acceptance among consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has become one of the most in-demand smartphones on the market today. This marks an evolution in the industry as it provides people with a variety of fine features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reviews

Nokia Lumia 930 Reviews

Nokia Lumia 930 is one of the most popular devices from Nokia today. This device is very powerful to support everyone's needs on the market these days. There are a lot of useful features that are offered by this powerful smartphone. Because of these features, this smartphone becomes very popular among many users now.

Nokia Lumia 930 Reviews

There are a lot of good Nokia Lumia 930 reviews that are available today. It is important to read some of these reviews before purchasing this reliable model. This smartphone is able to compete with other reliable devices, such as iPhone 5S, Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, and many other popular devices.

Nokia Lumia 930: Stylish Design

Nokia Lumia 930: Stylish Design

Many people want to buy this smartphone because they are interested with its stylish design. This smartphone is made from the combination of metal frame and also polycarbondate matte back for improving the durability of this product. There are two main color options that are available for all Nokia Lumia users, including bright orange and also green. Both colors are very interesting and attractive for most users. These eye catching hues can create unique look on this Lumia 930 model. At 9.8 mm thick, this smartphone is very comfortable for all users who want to make a call, write text message, and do many other activities with this phone.

High Definition Screen

Nokia Lumia 930: Stylish Design

Lumia 930 is very well-known for its high quality screen. This smartphone comes with comfortable 5 inch screen that has high definition system. It is supported by its full High Definition (HD) AMOLED display screen. This screen is able to help all users enjoy their favorite movies and images from this smartphone easily. This smartphone has about 441 pixels per inch or PPI pixel density. This screen is toughened by its powerful Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This glass is very durable for long time use, so you are able to use this powerful screen for long period of time.

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1

This smartphone is supported by its Windows operating system. This Windows Phone 8.1 OS is very powerful to support the overall performance of this Nokia Lumia 930. It is very easy for all users to operate this operating system in their daily life. There are some important elements that can be found in this OS, including notification areas, flexible options, background choices, and many other options. This operating system is also stable against any malware, viruses, and many other unwanted attacks from the Internet. This stable operating system can provide good experience for all users these days.

There are many other benefits that are provided by this Nokia Lumia 930. This smartphone has many other features that are suitable for all customers' needs. When you want to buy the best smartphone for yourself, you can consider purchasing this powerful device today. There are some additional accessories that can add the overall user's experience with this device, including wireless charger, durable batter, flexible case, and many other useful accessories. Nokia Lumia 930 is suitable for all people who are active in their daily life. Purchase this powerful smartphone to enjoy all features and benefits from this device now.

Nokia Lumia 830 Review - Overview

The Nokia Lumia 830 is a smartphone designed for the middle market's higher end, competing against the HTC One Mini 2 and the Galaxy S5 Mini. The Nokia Lumia 830 comes with a metal body, 720p HD screen, 1GB RAM, and a quad-core processor. The 10MP camera is quite good but its metral frame seems a little bit detrimental for this smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 830 Review - Overview
Nokia Lumia 830 Review - Overview

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?

The HTC One M9 is already here; thanks to the Mobile Congress at Barcelona we now have all the details regarding this monster device. The M9 is the new addition to the One series by HTC taking over the mantle from last year's M8.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?