20 Best Android Apps 2016

Whenever we talk about Android mobile phone we never talk about it in isolation. We always take into account the various Android applications that are available in it. There are almost a few dozen new applications that are coming out each day and therefore they have become an integral part of any mobile phone. In this article we will have a closer look at the best Android applications as far as the year 2015 is concerned. This is not an easy job considering the fact that there are literally scores of such android applications. However, an honest attempt has been made considering ease of use, popularity and other such factors.

Zeroing In On The 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers

No one would like to enjoy the best of music with the best of sound systems when there are wires and cables making the whole place ugly and messy. Hence, keeping in mind the changing needs and requirements of customers, we have today what is referred to as wireless speakers, woofers and subwoofers. The new technology comes in the shape of Bluetooth speakers which certainly can play big role in amplifying sound and give quality output. Hence if you are on the move or at home and are finding out ways and means to avoid those messy wires and cables, you certainly can trust on these Bluetooth speakers. There are quite a few of them available. In this article we will have a look at 10 best Bluetooth speakers after taking into account various factors. Most of these speakers work with any modern device that supports Bluetooth technology however small or big the device might be.

Best Laptops for 2015: Things to Consider to Buy

Laptop market is never so slow in this year too. There has been quite a good number if products that have come up with so many amazing features that it is possible for you to choose things from a wide variety of choices. There are indeed quite a lot that you need to consider when you are buying laptops so that you get a chance to have finest choice. Some of these products come with good features in particular niche and are good to be used with certain areas due to the features that they have got. That's a lot to carefully consider , previously getting in screen size , price range , or task-specific features , so we'll as an alternative begin with a few preference tips that should enable you to get pointed in the correct direction .

Asus Chromebook Flip C100 Review

Technology changes faster that most of us can comprehend. Before you even get used to new technological advances and innovations new ones are already in the pipelines. However, there are those that change completely how we do things, and it will be long before they become outdated. A perfect example of one such device is the Asus Chromebook Flip C100.

10 Best Mobile Phones In The World Today

If you are keen on buying a new phone it is quite likely that you could be in a state of confusion and indecision because of various reasons. Your lack of information and knowledge could be one reason. The next reason could be the multiplicity of choices within a particular budget. Hence it is important to have some basic understanding about the various reputed and popular models that are being sold in the market. Here is a look at 10 such models which could be considered as top 10 best mobile phones for a variety of reasons.

Step Into a Whole New Tablet Experience

Lately we have all seen the saturation of tablets on the market. With their flashy displays and multitudes of options, sometimes it’s difficult to know what the best option is. Not anymore! With the Energy Pro 9 you get exactly what you need in the tablet with the platforms that you are familiar with.

The Long-Life, Trendy Heart Rate Monitor

Several devices have been developed to be a personal health assistant, which is meant to help the person to study their health graph, in terms of the heart rate, blood pressure or blood sugar. Mio Fuse is one of the most talked about devices, which has hit the market recently. This is a heart rate monitor, which is basically an activity band. It is designed for training and it will help to study and display the heart rate of the wearer, to determine their health status. Here is a Mio Fuse review, in relation to its reliability.
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Panasonic G7 review: Performance and features go well with the price

Panasonic G7 is another instrument of spontaneity from the manufacturer for the enthusiasts. Panasonic has launched this model next to the in-line model G6 from the same brand. The camera flaunts about its superior sensor system with the resolution quality as the previous model. There is much in its sensitivity that takes the clear picture of the distant objects than its predecessor. The upgraded processor of the camera enables the photographers to continually engage themselves in their job while maintaining the speed they wish for. The focus time of the camera has been exclusively refined to enhance its autofocus capabilities. Although the product has been missing the near field communication feature in an effort to provide a better facility for the photographers with a low price, the camera has got wifi connectivity to render communication efficiency to the camera. Let’s find out everything in detail about the photography instrument in the Panasonic G7 review below.