You only have to cast your mind back to a couple of years when the then G2 LG Smartphone came along. Since then, each new flagships of the LG phones have been anticipated as a potential demolisher of the very best that Samsung, the HTC, and Apple have to offer. Here is a comprehensive LG G4 Review.

Does LG G3 Stylus Deserve Its Name?

LG G3 Stylus review - The LG G3 rocked LG fans to the core when it gracefully debuted early last year which is why a spin-off of the series was hot in pursuit. The LG G3 Stylus that is more affordable and packs a stylus for additional touch and style was released late last year.

LG G3 Stylus review

Enter Into The World Of Android With The LG Volt

Enter Into The World Of Android With The LG Volt

The name LG Volt is a little bit deceiving because it might make you think that you’re buying one of LG’s flagship phones, nevertheless this is a phone that you should seriously consider especially because of its price. Upon further inspection you will find that it has similar hardware to the LG lucid 3 with the main difference being that the Volt has a larger battery life.

A Review of the LG 55EG960V TV

The LG 55EG960V is the latest in a brand new segment of HDTVs: the 4K OLEDs. These curved televisions combine 4K resolution with OLED technology to provide a stunning view that is sure to leave you amazed. There isn’t really anything quite like this gorgeous gadget in the market right now. It has the latest features and is sure to usher in a new age of TV viewing experience. To help you better understand this product, here is a quick LG 55EG960V review.

The Google Nexus 5 Review

There's no doubt that the Google Nexus 5 belongs to a breed of hand-held gadgets that changed the tech arena and the landscape of modern smartphones almost two years ago. Having been announced by LG Electronics in the summer of 2013, and later released in the fall of the same year, this Google phone was then a trailblazer of modern competitive specifications that would later be adopted by other competitors. However, two years later, in the era of speed giants like the Samsung Galaxy S6, and glamor queens of the likes of the HTC one M9, is this iteration of the Nexus generation still worth your bucks?

10 Best Mobile Phones In The World Today

If you are keen on buying a new phone it is quite likely that you could be in a state of confusion and indecision because of various reasons. Your lack of information and knowledge could be one reason. The next reason could be the multiplicity of choices within a particular budget. Hence it is important to have some basic understanding about the various reputed and popular models that are being sold in the market. Here is a look at 10 such models which could be considered as top 10 best mobile phones for a variety of reasons.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?

The HTC One M9 is already here; thanks to the Mobile Congress at Barcelona we now have all the details regarding this monster device. The M9 is the new addition to the One series by HTC taking over the mantle from last year's M8.

The HTC One M9 Review, Hit or Miss?